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Inflatable Boat

  • inflatable tandem kayak
  • inflatable tandem kayak
  • inflatable tandem kayak
inflatable tandem kayakinflatable tandem kayakinflatable tandem kayak

inflatable tandem kayak

  • Saturn PVC Kayaks
  • Size: 9 Foot or Custom Size
  • Cheap Price ,Good Quality
  • Ultra Light Weight and Portable
  • Product description: With modern construction, lightweight material, and conveniently foldable design, the inflatable kayaks become a popular choice when people intend to go out for a river paddling, whitewater rafting, a

Inflatable Kayaks For Two Persons

The Leeboat Two Person Inflatable Kayaks have welded I-beams, baffles and seams and are triple-fused with welded seam tape inside and out; the best seam technology in the industry! Built with the perfect blend of performance and stability, they’re sure to be a blast regardless of your experience level.

2020 China Inflatable Tandem Kayak Tender

China Rafting White Water Kayaks

Great for floating down rivers, its a tandem meant for two paddlers. Wide and stable the Leeboat is a great option for beginners.

Inflatable Fishing Tandem Kayaks

River Paddling 2 Persons Kayaks

Flatwater Touring Inflatable Kayaks

Good For Flatwater canoe / touring