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Inflatable Boat

  • High Quality Inflatable Packrafting Boat
  • High Quality Inflatable Packrafting Boat
  • High Quality Inflatable Packrafting Boat
High Quality Inflatable Packrafting BoatHigh Quality Inflatable Packrafting BoatHigh Quality Inflatable Packrafting Boat

High Quality Inflatable Packrafting Boat

  • Material: urethan coated nylon
  • One Person or 2 Persons
  • For Fishing,Hiking,Camping
  • Ultralight Weight and Easy to Deflate and Inflate
  • Product description: The Barracuda R2 is a tandem packraft with performance hull design providing more speed and extra space, appreciated by travelling paddlers and packrafters.Portable, Lightweight& Durable!

The model Barracuda R2 looks like a canoe. Compared to the Adventure X2, the Barracuda R2 is longer and narrower.

The longer length of the bow and the stern makes it more streamlined.

At the same time, the Barracuda R2 also porvides great inner storage space and high buoyancy(while being only 20% heavier than the Adventure X2).

The stern is equipped with a detachable fin to improve its stability, which greatly improves tracking.

It is suggested to use single-bladed paddles if 2 people in the packraft.

This packraft model won the Champion and was the fastest packraft out of all packrafts in the Nordic Islands Adventure Race(NIAR), paddled by the Swedish hamilton Adventure Team.

We have several models to choose from, both for one person and two-person, white water and still water.

Our packrafts come with a inflation bag with a screw nozzle in the bottom which is attached to the raft.
The boat is inflated by scooping air into the bag (using a breeze helps), then sealing the bag's open end and squashing the air into the boat. After about ten 'scoops' the raft is 90% inflated.

made from urethan coated nylon, not PVC or Hypalon like other cheap boats in the market.

The material is light, abrasion resistance, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures.
And this material is environment-friendly.

It has a special treatment for smooth, scratch resistant surface finish and asymmetric coating (inner thinner than the outside).
This creates a supple material for easy packing and folding.

Classified as technical (T)PU, including thermoplastic and other coating processes, TPU has a good reparability that you can use the same fabric to repair the packraft if it were destroyed.

Leeboat Packrafts are lightweight inflatable boats that roll up to fit in your backpack, allowing you to hike and paddle to places that would otherwise be inaccessible.