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Which Inflatable Boat do I need?

Which Inflatable Boat do I need?

You can buy a huge amount of Inflatable boats now from every country in the world, but how do you pick the right one for your needs? We hope this blog will help you pick out the best inflatable boat for your needs.

Does it matter where Inflatable Boats are made?

The first question we asked was, ‘how can we make sure all our boats are of the highest quality but at a reasonable price’? Our handmade Chinese boats are just as good as any boat made in Europe and they cost far less.

What Inflatable Boat do I need?

You can buy a wide range of inflatable boats. The main differences with the Boatworld boats are which sort of floor you would like. A Slatted floor boat is always the cheapest but not always the best option if you want to get on the plane or have a big engine. That is why we offer a solid aluminium floor and coming soon an inflatable air deck floor. But depending on which company you buy from differences can include but are not limited to different materials PVC/ Hypalon. Differences in material thicknesses, tube diameters, seat configurations, transoms, air chambers in the boat just to name a few.

A Leeboat with alloy floor boat or with a slatted floor.

What is the difference between Hypalon and PVC

PVC had a bad reputation about 10 years ago for being rubbish. However, this is not true in today’s world. Here at Leeboat, we have encountered both types of material. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone say Hypalon is “expensive”. 99% of the time when someone says the PVC boat they had was rubbish, you can usually put the blame down to user error. I often see boats being used that have not been inflated properly or someone complaining their boat leaks air. When in actual fact the air temperature has dropped causing the boat to look like it has lost air when it is just down to the weather conditions.

The passing grade for a Hypalon boat is 15% air loss over 24 hrs (factory acceptable) even in a new boat, for PVC it’s <7% in 24 hours. We are very pleased with our 1.2mm Dynex backed PVC. You really can feel the quality.

What can I use an Inflatable Boat for?

Inflatable boats have a wide range of uses. Our boats are great for fishing, sea cruising, river cruising, yacht tenders. Of course, you can also use these boats for anything else you want to do on the water. The best thing about our boats is that after you are done you can fold the boat away and store it in a bag.

We hope this blog has helped you decide which boat would suit your needs best.

Need any more help on the subject please feel free to contact us.

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