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Modular Floating Dock System

Looking for a versatile modular floating dock system that can be easily installed and reconfigured? Interlocking modular floating dock can function as boat and personal watercraft (PWC) dry docks, modular barges, special event landings, and more. Made of high-density polyethylene, these modular blocks are almost 50% stronger than competitor systems and are capable of handling large scale events and industrial projects.

The modular docking system consists of high molecular weight HDPE blocks capable of holding over 200 lbs. each. The patented linking system, which consists of connecting pins and strengthening bars, provides superior strength and stability while preventing warping and other damage.

Unlike competitor products, only two blocks are connected per pin which reduces stress on each pin. The strengthening bars hold the blocks together tightly to add extra support and stability. This linking system not only allows the blocks to hold considerable amounts of weight without bowing or breaking but also allows for limitless custom configurations.


Made of sturdy but yielding high-density polyethylene, the blocks are resistant to temperature fluctuations, rust, and corrosion. Unlike wood or metal docks, these HDPE blocks require no sealing, maintenance, or additional protection. Their superior strength and stability make them ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial uses including:

  • Modular barges
  • Temporary helipads
  • Containment booms
  • Temporary floating bridges
  • Drive-on boat or PWC lifts
  • Floating docks
  • Above ground pipe support

Easier to maintain and more cost efficient than wood docks, the modular block system is also ideal for new marina construction. This lightweight modular docking system is easy to install and remove, greatly reducing labor costs and allowing them to be quickly removed prior to a hurricane or tropical storm.


  • Full Float – 20 in x 20 in x 16 in & 15 lbs
  • Half Float – 20 in x 20 in x 10.5 in & 14 lbs
  • Wall Thickness – .30 in
  • Freeboard – 15.5 in (at zero load); ~ 14.5 in (at moderate load)
  • Material –  Molecular weight high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Full Float Load Capacity – 220 lbs
  • Half Float Load Capacity – 180 lbs
  • Vertical Load Capacity – 400 lbs maximum
  • Horizontal Wind Loading – 150 plf with a safety factor

Additional Benefits

  • 20+ year life expectancy with a lifetime warranty
  • Modular blocks will never rust; no sanding, painting, or sealing required
  • Easy to install and reconfigure
  • Designed with special treading to reduce slipping
  • Available in a wide variety of fade resistant colors

The full float allows the flexibility to configure any desired shape of platform or dock. The half float allows you to store a personal watercraft clear of the water and therefore remain dry.  This allows your asset to remain free from weed growth, barnacles and worms. It eliminates the need to ‘anti-foul’, which reduces costs and helps protect the marine environment.

The modular docking system is versatile and durable and can be used in a variety of applications. Our affordable rental options also make them a cost effective option for those needing temporary docks for industrial and aquaculture projects.

To learn how this modular floating dock system can be used for your project or event, send us an email:

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