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China Inflatable Rafting Boats Manufacturer


Inflatable Boat Tender Dinghy Raft Fishing Boat Brief Introduction:

Inflatable River Rafting Boats Specification

The Floor Could be SLAT or AIRMAT. The Length Could be Customized like 185cm, 200cm,230mm,etc.

China Inflatable Rafts Manufacturer

The Standard Accessories Included are: Aluminum Seat,D-Ring(5cm),Carring Handle,Logo,Oar Lock& Oar Stopper,Oar Paddles, Foot Pump,Repair Kit, Boat Bag.

The Optional Accessories are:Electronic Air Pump, Seat Bag, Front Bag, Bag Logo,Inflatable Thwart.

We have advanced craftsmanship like Hot Air Welding, Hot Wedge Welding and High Frequency Welding.

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